The Value of Professional Localization for Global Success

If you are looking for localization services, you probably come across terms like “professional” localization services, “professional” translation services, “professional” subtitling services, etc. What does professional mean exactly? Why is there a need to express professionalism? What are the benefits of professional localization services for global success? Let’s dive deeper.

The need for professional localization services is not just associated with video games, this relates to all businesses. However, for the sake of what we do, we’ll focus on games. If you want your game to be present on a global scale, you need to localize your game. I think this was established in our previous blog posts as well. But if you want your game to be successful on a global scale, you need professionalism.

The Importance of Access to the Global Market

As most businesses, we all want to grow our business by tapping into new customer segments, expanding our audience, and establishing strong relationships. Let’s say I am a game developer from Germany. What stops me from establishing connections with people in Greece? Language barriers. If we get rid of the biggest obstacle, our job becomes much easier.

So, what does providing professional game localization show?

1- It shows that you care about your audience. You get rid of an obstacle.

2- It shows that you take this seriously. You want to grow and do this professionally.

3- It shows that you want to get ahead in the race. You have a lot of competitors, and providing professional localization helps you grow faster.

professional localization services

Professionalism in the Context of Game Localization

Okay, localization is important, but what about this emphasis on professionalism? By choosing such services, you make sure that your game is in good hands. In a professional team, linguists are knowledgeable about both source and target cultures, and this helps with the cultural adaptation and culturalization process. 

Furthermore, a professional game localization team means that there is a seamless workflow. Your files go to a project manager, the project manager assigns them to linguists, editors work in order to get rid of any inconsistencies and errors, testers perform their tests, etc.

Also, professional game localization maximizes player engagement and satisfaction. Nobody wants to play through a game with lots of meaningless sentences and typos.

What are the Benefits of Professional Game Localization?

An important component of game localization for the clients is the cost. Choosing professional localization services may seem costly at first, but if the localization is not professional, there will be many many mistakes, and trying to correct these mistakes will result in spending more money. With professionalism, you minimize errors and rework while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

It is also crucial to consider data privacy and security when handing your game to a localization agency. If they don’t work professionally, you risk leaking your game.

Emphasizing professionalism in the game localization process is extremely important for building bridges, maximizing growth, and building strong relationships with diverse audiences. By prioritizing professionalism, you stand out from the crowd and eventually reach ultimate success.

Written by
Ecenaz Batur
Marketing Specialist

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