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The complete walkthrough for
game localization & audio

Professional Game Localization & Audio

Textual content including user interfaces, subtitles, captions and in-game texts, and creative content including artwork, in-game graphics and other elements.

Turkish Game Localization & Audio

Linguistic QAs to confirm the localization quality of game’s narrative, audio, and user interfaces.

Professional Turkish Game Localization

Functional and visual QAs to identify any bugs, defects or errors in a game that may adversely affect its end-user experience.

Professional Game Localization

Native-speaking professional voice talents to convey your message with the ideal tone.

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Gaming in Turkey

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About Us

Building bridges between cultures

Reach your gaming community with our expert localization team

Orient Games is a division of Orient Translation Services that was established in 2007. Our journey in the field of game localization & audio services started with small-scale projects on demand and quickly led to a major field of specialization with 5 million words per year. Thanks to our qualified and dynamic team of avid gamers with professional localization skills in Turkish and 30 other languages, we help overcome all cultural differences and language barriers for an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. Our priority is to combine fast delivery and cost-effective pricing with top-notch quality as per the ISO 17100 standard.

99.3%  customer loyalty
15+ years of experience
5M words per year
100+ localized games
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Our dedicated team of hardcore gamers

İnci Katırcı
İnci Katırcı
İnci Katırcı
İnci Katırcı
I handle various gaming projects (both translation and review) and I really enjoy them. I particularly like FRP with rich dialogues. It is always a pleasure to make thorough search in order to make sense of the text and convey the meaning in a fluent and natural way. As another point, Turkish is quite different from European languages in terms of grammar. When we see phrases which consist of a combination of various elements such as item name+rarity+level+tier+descriptive feature etc., we need to reorganize their order, add various suffixes etc. in order to create a Turkish phrase which sounds natural and makes perfect sense for the reader. It is a pleasure to work on the grammar like a puzzle. These may be challenges in game localization but they are also elements of joy in my job.
Deniz Başaraner
Deniz Başaraner
Deniz Başaraner
Deniz Başaraner
I really like gaming translations as I have been playing computer games since Amiga 500 days and also mobile games for a few years. My favourite genres are Real Time Strategy like Starcraft I-II and Warcraft III; FPS shooting games like Quake, CS-GO, Half-Life; and RPG games like Diablo II-III. But I also play card games like Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering; mobile games like Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and have played different types of games, for example DoTA, Heroes of Newerth, FIFA, Need for Speed, Colin McRae etc. The most demanding thing I come across during gaming translations/revisions is localizing some kind of key gaming terms for which only their English form is generally accepted in gaming community. I sometimes prefer to leave these kind of terms in English and notify the client to overcome the complication.
Ümmühan Batu
Ümmühan Batu
Ümmühan Batu
Ümmühan Batu
As a project manager, I really enjoy the gaming management but I also have some difficulties to struggle. First of all, it is so exciting to be a part of the localization of a creative context and to be one of the first experiencers of a new game. However, this also brings some challenges such as too many back-and-forth e-mailing between translation team and the client so that we can make sure the best localization, the necessity of transcreation, limited timeframe, etc. To make the management easier, we’re working with a highly qualified team and doing our best to make use of the time well (for example, sending the queries to the client during the translation step). In conclusion, we’re happy to be involved in the gaming field and willing to meet any challenges!
Ayşe Selek
Ayşe Selek
Ayşe Selek
Ayşe Selek
The main reasons why I love translating game context is I'm a gamer myself. I've translated several games of different genres and my favorite of all was Blood Lines 2. It had so many characters and dialogues mostly spoken in a slang manner; I love it because I've always had a thing for the supernatural; it simply bewitches me and makes me stray into another world, a quite gothic one. Due to the lack of visual references, I've had some difficulties translating certain sentences; the main problem was that I'd almost no idea of the characters' gestures as they spoke. Therefore, I wasn't quite sure whether they meant what they said or were just joking around. After reading each character's attributes, each sentence carefully and picturing the relevant ambience, I succeeded in getting the right meanings and that major problem was solved.
Reyhan Demir
Reyhan Demir
Reyhan Demir
Reyhan Demir
One of the reasons I love game localization projects is that I can be more creative in the process compared to the other projects I do. I especially love working on games that have role-playing elements, as they often have interesting stories I enjoy discovering as I work on the project. It can be a little challenging when the game text has variables that are unclear during the translation process, but with appropriate feedback from the client it can be easily managed.
Mert Ronael
Mert Ronael
Mert Ronael
Mert Ronael
I’ve been gaming for around 14 years now and it is my biggest hobby. I’m not just playing games, I also check gaming related news and new technologies. My favorite game series is definitely Half-Life. I love story driven games, FPS games, racing and simulation games. As I’m interested in gaming, doing gaming related translations are fun and easy for me. I already know about the terms or context most of the time. If it is a game I’ve played, it becomes even easier. Translating League of Legends for example would be really easy for me. Only hard part is, sometimes I can’t decide what won’t be translated and what will be. But the guidelines and client instructions help me find the ideal equivalent.
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Some of the games
we have localized

Final Fantasy XV  A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV A New Empire We opened the doors of adventure to the world of fantasy!
We opened the doors of adventure to the world of fantasy!

Square Enix

Language pairEnglish to Turkish

Volume1 million words

It was a role-playing game series that has been distributed on many platforms, including consoles, computers, mobile operating systems and game streaming services. We managed the project on a daily basis and generally handled up to 2K words within turnaround. We had an issue: Unpredictable volume. Therefore, project management was essential here. Our project management team provided the translation team with all the necessary terminology lists, style guides, and detailed instructions. We assigned another translator who was also familiar with the project in case that we received more than 2K words, but one reviewer in order to ensure consistency and quality. It was also an adventure for our team to produce a new batch every day!
PUBG Let's parachute onto localization!
Let's parachute onto localization!

PUBG Corporation

Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume500K words

It was an online multiplayer battle royale game which was one of the most famous games in the world. It was very popular from the youngest gamers to the oldest ones, so we established a reliable and long-term team in order to provide the best quality and maintain the popularity. As the deadline was short, we decided to use two translators. And we assigned one reviewer to keep the consistency throughout the text. They were also a big fan of this game, so they found very exciting to localize their favourite game and did their best within tight turnaround.
Minecraft Turkish localization, block by block!
Turkish localization, block by block!

GenreSandbox, Survival

Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume200K words

Minecraft is a game where players go on different adventures and create their own world by building blocks. In this game, players can go anywhere they want, there are very few limitations as to where they cannot wander around, and we wanted to make sure that Turkish-speaking players can also go wherever they want without feeling left out. It is one of the best-selling video games of all time, and we are very proud to have localized this amazing game!
Forza We finished the race before our competitors in localization!
We finished the race before our competitors in localization!


Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

Featuring various real-life vehicles, this franchise is a series of simulation racing games, available for Xbox, Windows, iOS and Android. Since there are many installments in the franchise, it was very important for us to stick to the accepted localized terms and keep the translation consistent. Our excellent project management team provided our translator team with the style guides, translation memories, and term bases, and it was an amazing experience to localize this game. Now nothing can stop the Turkish-speaking players up until the finish line!
Halo We are shooting you to the future with localization!
We are shooting you to the future with localization!

PublisherXbox Game Studios

Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

Halo franchise is a military science fiction game taking place in the distant future. While players are wandering around in this foreign fictitious world, we made sure through localization that they wouldn’t feel foreign to the language as well. This franchise is quite popular, and we regularly get new materials. It has been a pleasure to localize this game for everyone to enjoy!
Command and Conquer
Command and Conquer We conquered the gamers' heart!
We conquered the gamers' heart!


Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

It was a real-time strategy video game franchise; each game included the ability to play multiplayer games against other players. The project also included marketing texts for its website. For the marketing part that required a creative style, we assigned high-quality marketing translators with gaming experience who could conduct the message clearly with an attractive style and create catchy slogans. The project management team ensured that all communication between the team for game localization and the team for marketing part were swiftly exchanged. After all, four eyes might see what two cannot!
Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves We’ve conquered the sea of localization!
We’ve conquered the sea of localization!


Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

In this game, players embark on many adventures as a pirate and discover the world of piracy. Players can complete missions or just wander around in the enormous sea. With our dedicated team of linguists, who are also game-enthusiasts, we managed to produce a consistent and high-quality translation. Since there are new batches every week, we work with tight deadlines, but we never disappoint!
Age of Empires
Age of Empires Take a stroll in history through localization!
Take a stroll in history through localization!

DeveloperXbox Game Studios

Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

This franchise is a real time strategy video game where the players advance through different times. Whether they want to experience the Stone Age, the colonial America or the Holy Roman Empire, this game will definitely make players feel like they are witnessing the history of the mankind. Since the game is inspired by real-life historical events, we did a lot of research to localize the terms according to how they are known in the target language. It is safe to say that players will immensely enjoy this game, which is a history lesson in itself.
Grounded We maximized the quality of localization!
We maximized the quality of localization!


Language pairEnglish into Turkish

Volume100K words

Grounded is a new survival game where the players find themselves clueless, in the size of an insect, in a backyard. Throughout the game, they try to remember what has happened to them and go back to their normal size. We had been working on this game before it was released, so it was an amazing experience to get a glimpse of this spectacular game before everyone else. We localized the interesting story of the game for all Turkish players to enjoy.
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